Our relationships with Part 135 Charter operators allow us to select the perfect aircraft and crew for your mission. Need to make a short hop? We have the aircraft to save you countless hours of your day. Our light twins will get you and up to 4 people to RDU in around 2 hours. Panama City in less than 3. Our turboprops are even faster. Imagine, flying 750 miles, conducting your business, and home for supper and no TSA hassles. Its more affordable than you think, give us a call for more info. Need to go Farther? How abour Phoenix in 5 hous from here. Non Stop, to where you want to go.

Light Twins

These will cruise at approximately 160 knots which gets you to Jacksonville FL in 2 1/2 hours, Panama City in just over 2, Cincinatti in just over an hour. Imagine Nashville to Raleigh in just over 2 hours. No traffic jams, no TSA. Just toss in your bags and go. Need to detour? Not a problem we are here to serve you. Just tell us where you want to go.

Think flying is expensive? What is you time worth. You and your employees lose days of productive time waiting around airports, waiting for a flight. If its delayed, then meetings with numerous people have to be rescheduled again losing more time. What is the cost of all this lost time? Thousands every time it happens. With a leased or chartered aircraft, your people are more productive, more cost effective and if managed properly this additional procuctivity could even mean fewer FTEs for you company. If you think about it this way, flying isn't so expensive after all it actually saves the company money.

Larger Plane, More Capacity

Our turboprops can carry up to 9 people in pressurized comfort to the NE, TX, MN or as far as AZ non-stop at appx. 300 knots. Thats almost 350 MPH. Nashville to Atlanta, 40 minutes; Nashville to Dallas in 2 hours;.Nashville to Cincinatti an hour. How can we save you time today?

Two Best Friends

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